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Inground Pool Construction Process

It is common for homeowners considering a new swimming pool to be concerned with the construction process and how it will affect their property. Bob’s Pool Builders is dedicated to the construction of superior quality inground swimming pools, using only superior materials and products. Our professionals are cost and time efficient and have years of experience and success in building and installing the best swimming pools. View our swimming pool photo gallery to see the expert work done by Bob’s Pool Builders in the past.

To give you an overall look at the construction process of your swimming pool from Bob’s Pool Builders, we’ve made a step-by-step outline. We want all of our customers to know what to expect, and be completely satisfied with our quality pool services from start to finish and throughout the years to follow. This is the process of constructing your perfect inground swimming pool:

Professional Built ingoround pool


 Pool Excavation – This is a job only an experienced, professional backhoe operator   should perform. Bob’s Pool Builders has an expert staff of highly experienced   swimming pool construction professionals. Typically, the side excavation will be   approximately two feet beyond the finished swimming pool perimeter to allow for   adequate assembly and a concrete footing to be poured at the base of the swimming   pool wall.

 Pool Assembly – Assembly of the steel panels and stairs and the installation of the   skimmer, main drain, suction, and return plumbing lines are the second step in the   construction process of your inground swimming pool. This is an important part of the   construction, and must be completed carefully as it is the base of you swimming pool. If mistakes are made, the overall functions of your swimming pool can be hindered. The skillful swimming pool experts at Bob’s Pool Builders are dedicated to the perfection of your swimming pool, and are sure to take extra care in the assembly of the major functions of your inground swimming pool.

Bob's Pool Builders Assembly

Next, a layer of wall foam is glued to the steel walls to add extra protection for the vinyl liner. Once the wall foam is carefully applied, our swimming pool construction experts begin working on the swimming pool floor. Bob’s Pool Builders professionals will also attach coping to the top of your swimming pool wall at this time. This is all done with precision and attention to detail by the skilled experts of Bob’s Pool Builders.

Vermic Step



Fall foam Inground Pool


Bob's Pool Builders Liner InstallPool Liner Installation- The liner is then installed in your inground swimming pool. Bob’s Pool Builders offers vinyl liners in a variety of designs and colors. Once your vinyl liner is carefully and professionally installed, water is added to your pool. A qualified, skilled electrician will then install the proper conduit and wiring for your swimming pool equipment. Bob’s Pool Builder professionals will fill the surrounding area with stone to prepare for the concrete surrounding your inground swimming pool.

Mason setup

Once the concrete is complete, all of your deck equipment is installed, such as your swimming pool handrail, ladder, slide, diving board, and other swimming pool equipment options from Bob’s Pool Builders. The final step in the construction process of your inground swimming pool is the installation of your fence. Once this is complete, you can enjoy all the health, fitness, and entertainment values of your amazing dream poolscape in your backyard! Bob’s Pool Builders is dedicated to satisfaction from start to finish, and carefully and skillfully construct your pool to perfection.

Auto Cover Install 


Pool Equipment

For more information about the construction process of a vinyl liner inground swimming pool, or if you are considering investing in your own swimming pool in Milwaukee, Lake Country, or surrounding areas, call the professionals at Bob's Pool Builders.

Contact Bob’s Pool Builders today! (262) 593-5242