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Pool Openings

Swimming Pool Opening

Bob’s Pool Builders services residential swimming pools in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and the surrounding areas. If your swimming pool is properly maintained throughout the winter months, it can be prepared for the summer swimming season with less time and effort. Bob’s Pool Builders provides efficient pool opening services. If you are a new customer interested in our swimming pool opening services, please call us at (262) 593-5242.


Inground Pool Opening Preparation:

Bob's Pool Builders will begin emailing opening forms out the week of March 9th 2018

For more efficient pool openings, please have the following equipment ready and near your swimming pool:

  • Swimming pool handrails and ladders
  • Swimming pool safety cover storage bag
  • Automatic swimming pool cleaner (the pool cleaner hose should be extended in a straight line to remove curl memory)
  • Swimming pool skimmer and pump baskets
  • Chlorine tablets and other chemicals
  • Garden hose

For successful pool openings, the following things are important:

  • The proper start-up chemicals have been added to your swimming pool (shock, algaecide, and metal remover).
  • Please be aware that when we open pools we do everything possible to remove as many leaves and debris as we can. Then we scrub the walls & steps and vacuum the pool. During the process of vacuuming we are stirring up the water and debris. It is almost impossible to get all of the debris that is floating in the water. This debris than settles to the bottom of the pool and steps over a couple hrs. We recommended that you run your robot after the opening to finish vacuuming the sediment that settles to bottom of the pool.
  • The water in your swimming pool has been tested. Bob’s Pool Builder will make chemical corrections to pH and alkalinity in the event they are severely low.
  • Please remember to test your water 24hrs after the opening of your pool and adjust your chemicals.
  • Continue to run the circulation system 24 hours a day and continuously check the pump and skimmer baskets to remove left over winter debris.
  • We recommend not running the Polaris if the water in your swimming pool is very cloudy or green Allow chemicals and filtration to settle debris to the bottom of your swimming pool, then manually vacuum the waste if possible.
  • Keep the chlorine levels higher than normal for the first week to help clear and sanitize the water in your swimming pool. We recommend 3-5 ppm of chlorine. In order to keep this high reading, you may have to shock the pool or adjust the dial on the back of the chlorinator to a higher setting. After one week, you may resume your normal chlorine levels.
  • Solar blankets should remain off until the water is clear and chemically balanced in your swimming pool.
  • We will turn your heater off after test firing it. It is up to the customer to turn it on when you are ready to use your pool.

If you are interested in our professional swimming pool opening services, have any questions about your pool opening, or want to inquire about other swimming pool services call Bob’s Pool Builders at (262) 593-5242- The Milwaukee, Lake Country, and all of Southeastern Wisconsin swimming pool experts!

Rectangle swimming pool

Swimming Pool Closing

Properly closing your swimming pool is very important. Improperly closing your swimming pool can make the re-opening process in the spring more costly, and much more difficult. When summer is over and you’re getting ready to close your pool for the winter, we are here to help. Bob’s Pool Builders provides residential swimming pool services in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Lake Country and the surrounding areas.

If you are a new customer, please call Bob’s Pool Builders at (262) 593-5242 first before filling out the form. Here is some information to help your pool closing process go as smoothly as possible:

  • Bob’s Pool Builders’ winterizing kit includes: 3 Bags Shock, 1 Qt. Algaecide, and 1 Qt. Stain and Scale. (for larger amounts, additional charge is required)
  • Please make sure your swimming pool is chemically balanced (pH and ALKALINITY) and clean before we arrive for your pool closing. (additional charges may be applied if your swimming pool is not cleaned before)
  • Have your plugs and safety cover near your swimming pool, along with a garden hose nearby and readily  available.       /Content/files/Thumbs/WintercoverandPlugs3.JPG
  • Please have your swimming pool solar cover OFF of your swimming pool.
  • Swimming pool cleaners are the owner’s responsibility.
  • Please have the chlorinator empty and remove the pool thermometer from your swimming pool.
  • Bob’s Pool Builder will not be removing your swimming pool light or diving board.
  • Remember: Chlorine tablets are very corrosive, never store them near your swimming pool equipment.
  • Winterizing spas and water features are billed by the hour
  • Large or custom pools, pools requiring additional time, or pools outside our normal geographical area may acrue additional charges not indicated on the closing reservation.

Bob’s Pool Builders helps you with properly closing your swimming pool to make sure your swimming pool stays maintained, allowing for an easier re-opening process in the spring.

For more information about professional pool closing services, questions about closing or winterizing your vinyl liner inground pool, or swimming pool maintenance inquiries call the Southeastern Wisconsin swimming pool experts at Bob’s Pool Builders.

Contact Bob's Pool Builders to learn more about professional swimming pool opening and closing services!