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Swimming Pool Maintenance in Southeastern Wisconsin

The certified, skilled swimming pool professionals of Bob’s Pool Builders will take care of all your swimming pool needs. Bob’s Pool Builders offers swimming pool maintenance and repair services to ensure your swimming pool investment remains in excellent condition.

Rectangle swimming poolOur expert Milwaukee swimming pool technicians are APSP certified, and dedicated to the care and quality of your swimming pool. We want to make sure your swimming pool is running smoothly and maintained to ensure year round satisfaction. Regular proper maintenance of your swimming pool will lengthen the life and increase the value of your swimming pool and swimming pool equipment, as well as minimize the possibility of unforeseen issues arising.

You want to enjoy your pool, not worry about it. Bob’s Pool Builders is here to make sure your pool stays in optimal condition, always ready for your use.


Wisconsin Pool Filter Maintenance

One key aspect to keeping your inground pool clean and refreshing is ensuring your pool filters are running at optimal efficiency. Our knowledgeable Wisconsin pool builders are available by phone to consult with you about the best way to keep your pool filtration system running well. Pool skimmer baskets and pool sand filters are excellent ways to keep your pool clean – and whether you’re looking to replace a pool filter cartridge or purchase a new swimming pool filter, the experienced professionals at Bob’s Pool Builders will help you make the right decision. Bob’s Pool Builders comes directly to you to install your preferred method of pool filter. Call us today to explore your options!

Wisconsin Pool Pump Maintenance

Pool pump maintenance is an important facet of keeping your pool running smoothly. Bob’s Pool Builders has skilled professionals to install and repair your preferred pool pump system. Bob’s pool Builders carries pool pumps and pool pump parts for your swimming pool. If it’s time to purchase a new pool pump, call our experienced Wisconsin pool builders and let us advise you on a pool pump system which will work with your swimming pool. Many variables play into finding the right pool pump system, so call the pool and spa experts at Bob’s Pool Builders to find reliable, affordable options for pool pump parts and pool pump systems!

Wisconsin Inground Swimming Pool Cleaning

Bob’s Pool Builders has skilled, knowledgeable workers available to advise you on how best to clean your inground pool. Once we determine what the best method of pool cleaning is for you, Bob’s Pool Builders comes to you to get the job done! There are many solutions to clean a dirty pool, ranging from a pool skimmer basket to a pool sand filter, to a standard swimming pool filter. Polaris pool cleaners are excellent options when you are searching for a sustainable automated pool cleaning system. Polaris pool cleaners are powerful, durable, and adjust to suit the needs of your pool as different needs arise. Call Bob’s Pool Builders today to discuss your pool and cleaning methods – our experienced Wisconsin pool builders are happy to discuss all the options to get you to a low maintenance, clean pool!

Wisconsin Pool Chemical Maintenance

It’s important to keep the correct levels of pool chemicals present in your swimming pool. The dedicated Milwaukee pool builders at Bob’s Pool Builders believe that keeping your pool clean should also mean your pool is refreshing and enjoyable to swim in. We supply you with the best pool chemicals, and outfit you with many options to get a clean, refreshing pool! There are many options when considering which pool chemicals to put in your pool. Bob’s Pool Builders’ knowledgeable employees are only a phone call away – call today and we’ll answer all of your questions about swimming pool chemical supplies!

Wisconsin Pool Solar Blanket Care

Due to the delicate nature of the solar blanket and the many harsh conditions it is subjected to (wind, sun, excessive chlorine levels, low PH levels, and water balance) The solar blanket is not included under our warranty.  The average life expectancy of your solar blanket is 2-3 years.

A very low PH or high chlorine level can destroy a solar cover in a few weeks. If the PH is below 7.0 remove cover. If the chlorine level is 3 ppm or higher remove the cover. Keep the cover off the pool for a few hours after adding chemicals or shocking. Pools need to breath.  Do not leave your solar cover on the pool for days at a time.  If you will be leaving town, we recommend leaving the solar cover off unless someone will be around to attend to it.

Do not drag the cover across the deck. On very windy days sink the cover in a few areas to get water on top to help keep it on the pool. Make sure the reel straps are loose when the blanket is on the pool to prevent the wind from blowing under the cover.  If you notice bubbles flaking off the blanket and in the pool it is time to replace it. These small pieces can clog the filter and will make a large mess.

Install the protective cover whenever the blanket is reeled up. This will extend the life. Keep the reel covered or indoors for the winter.

Your solar cover can create a dangerous environment for your children and pets.  Your solar cover is in no way a protective safety barrier.  Please keep this in mind if you let your pets into the pool area.  Small children should always be supervised near the water.

Enjoy your pool without worrying about the hard stuff, call us today for more information. (262) 593-5242